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In which the terrible true face of the Goddess is revealed...

So I was reading a book on the Qabalah (more from a witchy perspective than a Jewish one, admittedly...) and I was really enjoying it. I have to say that half... maybe even more... of the witchy things I see make me go, 'Oh yeah, that's why I left that religion,' but this just really made sense to me in a way that they usually don't.

But then...

Goatse, you silly man. What are you doing in my book? And furthermore, why are you apparently a symbol of feminine power? I didn't know you got promoted like that.

No, actually, I still really enjoyed the book. I want to talk to N. about this, because she would probably be interested.

Also, I've been cleaning my room out. If you put the things I've thrown away, the things I'm giving away, and the things I'm putting up in the attic together, I've already gotten rid of five big garbage bag sized bags full of shit... and there's still more! But I need to get rid of as much as possible in order to curb my packrat tendencies.

I'm considering getting rid of my bed, which would certainly free up a lot of space... I'm thinking I could sleep on a roll-up futon sort of thing and maybe put a chair in the place where my bed is now... hm....

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