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I swear I'll stop making completely pointless entries soon

So apparently a fic I wrote that I didn't particularly like placed third in a contest on a website I've never been to...

I think this is a definite case of knowing that something ought to make me happy, but in actuality just feeling completely indifferent about it.

Like, I'm really proud of how much my writing has improved in the past few years, so I'm really glad that people liked it! But I don't think I liked that particular fic much even when I first wrote it; S/S wasn't really a pairing I ever cared about, and furthermore, I just feel like the prose was really... prosaic, I guess?

SO. TO THE POINT. Does anybody else here who writes also have that thing where you feel like the fics of yours that get really popular are just sort of the okay ones, and the ones that you're actually proud of go unnoticed? Maybe it's just that what I would consider good writing doesn't mesh with what most people would think of that as?

ETA: btw, I'm not trying to be a OMG THIS IS SO BELOW ME type bitch. But it does irritate me somewhat.
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