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This post is incoherent and I'm sorry.

Fffffffff I have two midterms tomorrow and it's scary. D: This semester is turning out to be so much harder than I expected... I kind of miss it when I was taking a lot of history classes because for some reason that subject's always been very easy for me. Calc II and Physics, on the other hand... are killing me dead. Oh well, at least Theology's pretty easy. And my teacher was nice and gave us candy during our exam.

I just got done with my period. After having it for literally a month and a half, I'm not even fucking kidding. I fucking hate my girly bits; I want to tear them out. It's not like I'm ever going to use them for much of anything anyway.

Reading Hetalia makes me miss my teacher from 20th Century History. And it's really pathetic because I seriously can't even remember what her name was and yet I miss her super-bad and it's really wtf. Also, I now fucking love Poland. Poland, you're the best country ever! You too, Hungary.

Mm, I think maybe I'll take a bath, go to be early, and do my studying in the early morning tomorrow.


Flist, I'm sorry I haven't been paying much attention to you. How are your lives going right now?


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