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Rant against self

I don't want to be a bitch and rain on everyone's parade(?) so I'm not actually going to comment on the post. But.

Re: comments to this post: not that I'm not guilty of it too (I totally am, like 110%; I won't try to deny it), but DEAR GOD anime/manga fans are really fucking paranoid. We seem to have an extremely heightened awareness of the idea that somewhere, someone (usually some far-right group) is plotting to deprive us of some unspecified manga-related human rights.

And then we, without fail, BLOW SHIT OUT OF ALL PROPORTION.

Look, I'm not going to say that if Glenn Beck got his little paws on a copy of Hetalia that there wouldn't be a shitstorm, because yeah, we all know that there would. But the chances of that actually happening are v. slim. (And are also most likely us over-estimating our importance.)

...Also, call me stupid, but even if that did happen... what would it actually affect? (Okay, I get that if somebody was a minor and had idiot parents who flew off the handle about stuff like this that it would be a problem for them. --But I refuse to believe that everyone who freaks out like this is in that boat.)

Worst case scenario: Glenn Beck discovers Hetalia. Glenn Beck has an emotional meltdown and goes into a fit of rage. And then... nothing actually proceeds to happen in 90% of the real, sane-people world. No one is actually at risk of anything seriously bad happening here and we really ought to be able to take a step back and realize that. Dude, plenty of people got really upset about Pokemon. A classmate once told me that she didn't like them because they were demons. But nothing actually happened because of it.

Tl;dr -- I'm not entirely sure why, but anime/manga fandom has an extreme case of paranoia. And yeah, I totally have it too, but at the same time... people need to learn to deal at some point, because it's getting really annoying.
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