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Sniff + Gah!

So, tomorrow I have both the psych ap test, and my meeting to talk to Dad w/ my psychologist. Funnnn. Actually, I'm a lot more worried about how the thing w/ Dad will go than the test. I figure, hey, I get out of school for it, anyway. Does it really matter if I pass or not?

But anyway, it is rather worrying. Mom went over to her friend's house for tea, which kinda sucks b/c I wanted to talk to her about it. I dunno, I'm glad that the two us are ( hopefully ) going to get a chance to talk about our issues. We're both just too damn bitchy for our own good. Sometimes he just drives me absolutely crazy. Like, I was working downstairs. I need alot of light. Low light depresses me, stfu. ( The main light is on a dimmer switch, and I always turn it all the way up. ) B/c I was working on something, I also had the floor lamp that sits next to table I was working at on. Dad walks into the room. We talk about some random stuff, then I yell at him for looking over my shoulder, which I have told him countless times that I hate. So anyhoo, after I tell him that, he randomly decides that I can't have both lights on, b/c omfg too many lights are teh ebilz, or something.

Now, I would get this if he were, like, really into energy conservation or something. I mean, if he were, then that would be what I was used to. But this is so a case of the pot calling the kettle black, ne? I mean, who in this house leaves lights on constantly when they leave the room, turns the volume on the tv way up, can't be bothered to put anything away, forgets to open the door to the room where my cat's litter box is? Hint: not me. Or Mom. Or the frikkin cat.

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