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So I finally get around to checking my school email, which I'm constantly forgetting, and I find an email from one of my classmates from two years concerning someone else from that class who I got along with really well.

hey guys!
You all probably know by now that our friend and TRW classmate Sheng has passed away. Simone and myself were thinking that we should send flowers to the family. I have a card that I have already purchased but if you guys would all be willing to pitch in it would greatly help. Let Simone or I know asap.
Tiff _______

I had no fucking idea.

And she and I didn't really talk much last year, which was entirely my fault because I suspect that I was probably being a bitch to her-- it seems I was unintentionally bitchy towards pretty much everyone, probably in part because my meds were fucking with my head so much.... I don't think that's really an excuse, though, because she was so nice to me.

Anyway, over the summer I decided that one thing I would do over the fall was get back in touch with some of the people I had been ignoring last year... And then in the end I totally forgot to, and now she's dead.

Oh dear god what the fuck.

...You know when you feel weirdly okay and not upset, but you know you're going to be devastated later? Because that's me right now.

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