Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg (000_hester_000) wrote,
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

Ass surgery was a success~.

...The first several hours after I got home were miserable; I threw up in the car and then after that I just felt really dizzy and nauseous. After that, though, it was fine. I was a little afraid that I would be feeling awful for days or something. Btw, for clarification purposes: the surgery came up really suddenly to remove a polyp that just randomly swelled up and started to hurt. So it was a pretty minor surgery anyway.

Therefore, hang on, will be catching up on flist and so forth.

Also, drive-by awesome: this site (even if it only seems to exist in archive form now...) totally states all of my reasons why liking all of the Pagan/etc. stuff makes me nervous.

So, you want to rebel? You might consider a complete 180, right down to devil-worship and black magic... but you don't have the guts to go that far, since you're still secretly terrified of going to Hell.
Hey, Wicca is perfect! It's actually not that evil, but your family doesn't know that. You can creep everyone out and keep your soul safe at the same time!

...That was 110% me in about eighth grade. Ffffffffff, I don't want to do that shit again....

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