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Ok, so I realized that I actually do have something to talk about. I have this AP Spanish class. And the teacher ( let's call him don Pablo ) just absolutely cannot teach at all. I mean, he's supposedly a native speaker ( from Guatemala, he says ) or something, but he's a terrible teacher.
Plus there's a girl in our class who's from Cuba, I think ( if she's from Cuba, why is she taking a class in Spanish O.o ), and anyway, she says that he actually makes a lot of grammatical errors. So it's very annoying.

But then, a few of the boys in the class got together and decided that they were going to make a petition to not have don Pablo be teaching the AP class any more, and only have him teaching Spanish I or II or so. And they asked me if I would sign it if they did make it. So now I don't know what to do. I mean, he isn't a very good teacher, and really shouldn't be teaching an AP class ( I swear, no one in the class is going to be ready for the AP exam ). But at the same time, I'm really nervous about the thought of signing it if there is a possibility that he could find out who all signed. Not like he's exactly intimidating or anything, it's just that I would probably die of shame. And then, if it got him fired, I would probably die of guilt. ( And if there was a petition, he at least wouldn't be able to teach AP anymore. Last year, a bunch of other students had the same idea, and they made a similar petition and took it to the principal. And she didn't do anything about it then, but she said that she would definitely do something if it happened again this year. )

So blah, I'm confused.

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