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1. The two girls sitting behind me in European History

literally cannot find England on a map.

They got it confused with Norway or somewhere. And I had to explain to them what was in the UK. I just. Gah. I'm scared for humanity. God, America. Wtf.

2. There's like this weird thing that Hetalia fandom does to me, I swear. There keep being characters and pairings that other people like that I'm '???' about and therefore dislike just because I don't understand why everyone else likes them. So then I'm all, 'Idk why everyone keeps talking about them; this is so stupid.'

And then, a few later, I invariably end up strangely attracted to that character/pairing/whatever. So after being wtf about them for a long time, I'm starting to really like all the Nordic countries and Turkey/Greece. Idk anymore. No, I don't honestly think that anyone cares about any of that.

3. Random question for the Naruto fic writers on my flist: would anybody like ~12 pages of an unfinished, kinda creepy fic about Sasori's childhood to do with as you will (e.g. rewrite, snicker at, use as toilet paper... whatever)? I'm realizing I'm never going to get around to finishing it, but since I already wrote that much, I'm loathe to just delete it. I'll post it later maybe depending on whether anyone wants it.
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