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My little long-ass fic rec list

Which is mostly actually for my own use, so I don't lose my links to things. >.>

Lol, most of these are pretty old.

A Pool of Mud by Niham: Ichigo helps Rukia with a box of romance novels. Ichirukia drabble. G/K.

Turn a Heart Upside Down by debbiechan: Kaien's idea of heart set this story off. It's short, nonlinear and strange. Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, Orihime, Yorouichi as a cat, and Kaien. PG/K+.

Orpheus by shadowsinfire: There's a story a bit like this. About a girl who died on her wedding day and the one who loved her enough to follow her into the underworld and try to bring her back. Uryuu, Orihime. Spoilers for early Hueco Mundo arc. PG/K+.

Lazarus by CoffessGyrl: A short story written for Debbiechan's LJ IshiHime contest. What would it take for Orihime to realize her power? PG-13/T.

Chessboard Balance by 20 Thousand Leagues: Ishida wonders about what he already knows. The balance is absolute, and it's beautiful. Ishida introspectives. G/K.

Mixed Spirits by incandescens: A Bleach Doctor Who crossover. Fifth Doctor, with Nyssa, Adric, and Tegan. Probably not going to be particularly serious. Except in bits. In which, as so often happens, the Pursuit of Truth causes a Major Explosion. PG-13/T.

Push Comes to Shove by Aoife-hime: [Tatsuki, Ichigo] Tatsuki is sick and tired of being weak, so she takes matters into her own hands. Picks up from middle of Chapter 239 of the manga. PG-13/T.

lost in transit by incandescens: Bleach, Aizen/Gin: recreational drug use, slow sex, dominance struggles -- just a way to pass the time in Hueco Mundo. R/M.

Country of Liars by ianii: Masks can be worn underneath masks, and even then, your face could be painted with blossoming reds and beautiful untruths. Gin contemplates Aizen. [General drabble, hint of GinRan] G/K.

sweet beguiling by incandescens: Aizen, Gin, and snakecharming. PG-13/T.

Theodizee by nearsightedness: We are all believers, and we believe in lies, and so we are empty. Oneshot, Aizen fic. PG/K+. [Btw, this is maybe my favorite Bleach fic ever.]

Blood Roses by Jaina: This uniform means something. Momo hopes she can live up to it. Hinamori and Aizen a progression of a captainvicecaptain relationship and what's left behind. PG/K+.

Morbidity by lye_tea Gin/Rangiku, PG-13/T.

On Loving a Traitor by Feilyn: Make no mistake. If Gin comes back, Rangiku will kill him. Becuase he's worth at least that much. PG-13/T.

Still Human by Stootle: When do you stop being human? Histugaya thought he knew. PG-13/T.

The Useless Ends by Tattered Stylus: Hitsugaya is introduced to Hinamori's disturbing reality. PG-13/T.

Long Enough by XII.XX: All he wanted was to share another watermelon with her, just like the good ol' days. G/K.

The Taste of Repetition by Pen Against Sword: [Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Grimmjow Jaggerjack...] Orihime's fixated on the way his name sounds. Orihime can't stop watching him. Orihime's going to get caught. PG-13/T.

Rise at Dawn by Bovineorbitor1: The beginning should not come with the end built in. Grimmjaw started to realise fairly early on. PG-13/T.


Taking the Lead by smokexscribbles: KuroFai, PG/K+.

Follow My Lead by Beth0987: Kurogane would stay with Fai through anything. But now Fai has gone, and Kurogane can only follow. What if he's already too far behind? KuroFai. PG-13/T.

Slipping from My Hands like Water by elveljung: Fai was born waiting for the world to sweep him off his feet. Twenty worlds later, he's still waiting. A bleak sort of KuroganeFai. PG-13/T.

Hagaren Country by watercircle: TCxFMA Ed and Al get word of a powerful alchemy amplifier in the shape of a feather. Could this finally be their salvation? Meanwhile, the Tsubasa gang appears in Amestris to search for Sakura’s lost memory fragment... Slight FMA timewarp. PG-13/T.

In the Land Where Death Lies Slain by Bialy: Death was coming anyway, one way or another, and it may as well be today. Rem-centric, oneshot. PG-13/T.

Shades of Gray by Diary: A possible look at the interaction between Rem and Matsuda. Complete. PG/K+.

mega-manic when time the pressure start lick by moot: prostitute!giovanni semi-au. yeah fuck if i know what i'm doing. R/M.


The Dream of Those Who Wake by nebroadwe: Al + Ed, PG/K+ probably? = no rating on original entry and I'm not going to rate someone else's fic because it seems weird.

Cinder and Smoke by sister_coyote: Her burden is too heavy to carry alone, and yet to share it is dangerous indeed. Fullmetal Alchemist mangaverse. Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Hawkeye Sr.; some Roy/Riza content, though the story is mainly Hawkeye-centric. 5600 words. R/M.

Firm Hand by sister_coyote: "I do my job, sir," she says. The air tastes gritty with blown ash.
Fullmetal Alchemist. Hawkeye, Havoc, Mustang. Gen. (You wouldn't have to squint too hard to see pre-pairing, but gen.) 3800 words. Worksafe. Moderate series spoilers?

The History Books Forgot by Alchemist Experiment: He would go down in history as a killer, a monster. She wouldn't go down in history at all. ScarxLust. PG/K+.

The Six Million Dollar Man by wizzard890: Wild tales concerning an anthropomorphic personification of a country are decidedly not the concern of the FBI. Unless, of course, you forward your complaint to the office in the basement... PG-13/T.

A Letter From a Fan by irrationalsense: Stephen King receives an ...interesting fan letter... PG-13/T.

A Peculiarly English Fascination with the Purity of Blood by gileonnen: England has been looking dreadfully pale, of late. R/M.

No Such Place by mithrigil: Not the King Arthur story you think it is. R/M.

Some Times When France Fantasized About England In Which England Was A Corpse by byzantienne: The title is your summary. The title is also your warning.

Blue, Kind Of by jinsai: Russia isn’t the only one who doesn’t want children who won’t play nice. Spain, soon after the second Spanish Civil War. R/M.

By the Book by adesso: Germany has done the research, read all the books, made all the preparations - everything will go according to plan. Except Italy does not do so well with plans. R/M. [Also, this is like the hottest fade-to-black fic ever. And Italy tops. In case you missed that last part, ITALY TOPS.]

Deja Vu Is The Feeling You Get When... by geek_chronicles: Inspired by interesting chat conversations with various people over the past few months and a certain well-traveled Hetalia fandom trope. A Very Tragic Tale in which Terrible Things happen to the nation at various points known as Prussia; and in which Nobody Is Especially Surprised. R/M.

Zugunruhe by talkjive: A de-anon from the kink meme, for the prompt someone agrees to become one with Russia. It doesn't quite go as planned. PG-13/T.

All the Fond Yearning by metallic_sweet: Austria makes a short, sleepy trip to visit Germany and Prussia. The first day of the trip plays out exactly as it always does: the opposite of Austria's best intentions. PG-13/T.

he she it by oh_hesitate: Prussia/Hungary, Austria/Hungary, R/M.

Resurrection by talkjive: 1685; the Holy League has begun the reconquest of Ottoman-controlled Hungary. Far from the front lines, Hungary and Bulgaria try to bolster their spirits. PG/K+.

Anything by kalliel, lol. But I never add your fic to memories because I'm an idiot, and I'm too lazy to search through your journal.

Warm Wind by istne_pieklo: After the battle against Pain is over, Naruto muses about the secrets learnt and the goals set. G/K.

hypothetical by metachrome: And which of these is freedom? PG-13/T.

Anatomy Fail by redbrunja: "Do the heroines of fictional novels typically suffer from some unnamed disease that causes profuse secretions?" Sai looked vaguely concerned. PG-13/T.

Creative Writing by sam-shell: Appalled by the inaccuracy of Icha Icha Paradise, Sai decides to write his own romance story. Crack. R/M.

Seasons of Cloud and Shadow, Like the Desert Remix by Elizabeth Culmer: Many waters cannot quench love; neither can the floods drown it. Love is as strong as death. ShikamaruTemari, light lime, death. Written for RemixRedux 6. PG-13/T.

Brushfire Fairytales by Randomonium: Daddy, please tell me a story.' '...Ok. Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess...' Shikamaru tells his daughter a bedtime story that may not be entirely made up. ShikaTema. G/K.

Smile by vladimira-chan: Neji turns around and sees something he shouldn't be surprised by. Character death, Team Gai-centric. PG-13/T.

Marionette by sexion: Kankuro as a puppet. Kankuro and family. [Because he's not pulling the strings here.][Sandsibs, no pairings, drabble, prechuunin exam] PG/K+.

Prodigal Son by Pentatonikk: Zetsu-centric. The earth will accept everything, in the end. They eat their children. PG-13/T.

The Roof of Hell by ranty_rie: Between the world of wars and the world of god, the angel remembers. The first ceremony was the most painful one. PG-13/T.

There is almost no good!fic in this fandom. Seriously. But here are two:

Girls that Glitter Love the Dark by Scribbler: Seto doesn't dream, except when mysterious silvery voices and silvery hair creep into his mind at night. Seto/Kisara. G/K.

Wrecked by rohanfox: "He wonders, sometimes, if he's anything close to human. He’s spent too long around them not to be, Bakura thinks. But if Marik has learnt anything from Bakura, it’s that spending too much time around something corrupt can turn you that way, too." PG-13/T.

...Wow, that took much longer than I thought it would.
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