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Stupid and awesome

1. More stupid people in my classes! Although this time not in the class that usually has all of the Stupid:

Dear chick in American History,

The reason for every conceivable thing that has ever gone wrong in this country is not "Capitalism!" I'm starting to get a little bit creeped out by the fact that you consistently give that answer, every single time. Because, you know, racism, sexism, weird-ass religious beliefs, obsessive expansionism, and a bunch of other shit has absolutely nothing to do with it. No, no, it was all TEH EBIL RUNNING DOG CAPITALISTZZZ!!1

2. I have this thing about Jungian archetypes. Since I have a lot of random free time sitting in the school library, I've been reading up on the Shadow. Now I feel really stupid for ignoring mine for so long. I think most of my useful qualities probably went into my Shadow. >.>

And then I got really overemotional and almost started crying in the middle of the library. It was awesome.
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