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Transfer application to the U accepted!

...To understand the awesomesauce of this, you need to know that:

A. The U was my first choice of college to begin with, but I didn't get in when I applied after high school. ...How I got rejected by the U but accepted by St. Kate's is something I still don't really understand. Wtf.
B. I'm easily hurt by stupid things and never really got over them rejecting me the first time.
C. I didn't think I'd get in this time either.
D. Bigger university = bigger History department.

Other, unrelated stuff:

I really hate the way most language learning books published today are structured. Fuck you, I don't want to have "Where is the airport?" be the first thing I learn. I'd rather, you know, learn pronouns and grammar and how to recognize verbs. Little things like that.

My dad wants to hire me to translate Wikipedia pages into a language which I do not know simply because he's obsessed with said language but apparently doesn't feel like translating it himself. Does this seem, you know, a little off to anyone else? >.>; He's also for some reason under the impression I know both Latin and Italian. I wish I knew both of those... but. Uh. I get the feeling he never figured out that language learning is a pretty difficult subject. Thus the fact that he expects me to be able to learn a language in a week.
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