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Dear Hetalia fandom,

I have a love-hate relationship with you, big time. Most of the time, you're awesome. But sometimes, I wish you would stfu for 2 seconds. Vic being cast as Greece is not the end of the goddamn world, I swear. (And no, I don't much like him either. But seriously? Is there anyone he could have been cast as that wouldn't upset you?)

Also: so, you're worried that the dub will cause a lot of really stupid fans to appear and ruin this fandom's already rather dubious reputation? Yeah, okay, I can sympathize with that. But you know what the only thing you can do about that is? You could try, oh idk, behaving more maturely yourselves. You could maybe try to get some discussions on what is/isn't acceptable with the fandom as a whole going without freaking out and dogpiling each other.
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