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Oh noes!

I am monopolizing N.'s computer to tell everyone the incredibly important news that I'm now a girl again.

Uh, sort of. Not really. I don't think I was ever a girl. But I decided to forget trying to present any other way / girls' clothes are far too pretty for me to not want to wear them. So possibly I'm just the most successful crossdresser of all fucking time. Idek anymore.

I'm sure it makes me a coward, but if nothing else, I just don't feel like going through all the work/difficulties/possible rejection by people that transitioning would entail. So blah. :/ So basically, apparently you and I are not actually clones, Veleda. ;;

Tl;dr -- Ignore about half of my recent posts. Jesus Christ. I am like the most conflicted person in the world. But I'm sorry, I actually find men sort of ugly and I don't really want to be ugly. [/superficial to the max]


Also, you can still refer to me by whatever the fuck pronoun you wish. I just don't think I want to be refered to as "a woman".
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