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Finally finished my reread of Naruto and am now up to date.

...I feel like I ought to have a lot to say about Minato and Kushina, but actually I don't. Partly it's just that they were never characters that were all that important to me. Although I'm still trying to figure out who in the hell actually raised Naruto. >.>

Mostly, my reaction is just SQUEE, ITACHI and SQUEE, SANDSIBS--- so basically, nothing has changed at all. Also, the scene where Itachi is babysitting baby!Sasuke? Broke my heart in two. Clean in two, I tell you!

Oh, and Sasuke has now officially snapped completely, and I actually sort of wish he were dead. He's getting to be a very annoying psycho. Itachi deserved better, dammit.

I guess this means I'll have to start watching chuunin again.

Someone talk Naruto to me.

ETA: Oh, also, I haven't been up to date with my flist for a while now (/have only been reading it very sporadically), so there's a good chance someone might have posted something important that I missed. So if there's something you wanted me to read... link to it.
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