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So, is there any chance anyone on my flist would be interested in betaing a very cracky Hetalia fic about teenage!Germany's... uh, sexual proclivities?* Prussia, Austria, and Hungary are in it, too. Actually, they're in it more than Germany himself is. No real pairings.

I used to write crack a lot, and (imo, anyway; who knows, really) was pretty good at it. Now I feel like I've lost all of my crack skillz. I'm like, "Is this funny? No, none of this is funny at all! It's just stupid!" So I'd love a second opinion/advice on how I could improve it/etc.

If you're interested at all, comment/send me a pm/do something; I'd greatly appreciate it.

*Which turn out to be not as interesting as they sound. Or perhaps too interesting; it's hard to say for sure.
Tags: crack, hetalia, hungary, that sissy aristocrat, we have ways of making you squee, what's eating gilbert weillschmidt?

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