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New to-write list for fic, because the old one is not up-to-date and full of shit I have no intention of ever actually writing. -.-

The Lots: Gin introspective; GinRan.
And in the Endless Sky: Aizen introspective.

Count Cain:
Something about Jezebel's childhood. With Snark in it!
Crack fic with Jezebel and Freud. Because. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Death Note:
Of the Blood: Sachiko and Sayu, post-series.

Crack with America, England, France, and food.
Dark Ages!England fic.
Christmas-related crack fic.
Something on Merovingian!France. Being crazy.
Spain/Romano, chapterfic. Tragicomedy.
Italy/Germany -- "Fingerprints look like ripples because time keeps dropping another stone into our palm."
Bureaucratic Fantastic!: Crack with teenage!Germany, Prussia, Austria, and Hungary.
Austria/Hungary -- "Here is a man; look at his smile."
On Norway and all his mythological friends.
Aurora: Sweden + Finland, pre-series.
Pastoral: Lithuania/Poland. On Poland's complicated history.
On Russia and General Winter. Gen.
On Russia and Bloody Sunday 1905. And other pleasant things like that.

Leaps and Bounds: Sasuke + Itachi, introspective for Sasuke.
Something re: Neji and Hinata during the Chuunin Exams.
& Envy: On Lee and Gaara. During the Chuunin Exams. Wtf what is it with me and the Chuunin Exams?
Tsunade + Gaara; a conversation between two kage. Gen/angst.
The Glass Heart: Sandsibs(/Sandfamily). Yashamaru and Gaara-centric.
Sandsibs. Gen on their relationship with their father, especially re: Gaara.
Gaara, post-series. Fairy tales and urban legends in Suna. Also, clearly I liek Sandsibs almost as much as mudkips.
Watercolor Face: Haku-centric. "While they ran white lipstick round their lips, white to announce they had no blood so any wound would leave no trace, as Eve's having nothing more to lose must have made her fearless."
Athanasy: Sasori fic.
Small Blessings: Itachi + Sasuke. "It is you I love. But I never tell you, never tell you, never."

Yami, Yuugi, Jounouchi. Gen.
Anzu/Yami, post-series. Angst and woe.
Ryou and Yami Bakura. More angst and woe.
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