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I am wanted...

...is a dorky title for a journal entry. But nevertheless.

We had our 'Senior Retreat' today, which basically means that they bussed us all to the community center to sit in a room and sing Kumbayah ( not really, but I'm sure you know what I mean ). It sounds dorky. It was dorky. Very dorky. And yet, I'm very glad that I went.

There was a part of it where you could nominate somebody to come at sit up at the center of the room while being told how much you love them, etc. etc. And Jamie, Josh and Marc nominated me. I was totally taken by surprise, but it was so nice of them. So that's the part about feeling wanted. Some days, I really wonder if I have any friends at all, but I guess that I do.

Also, at the very end, there was a part where anyone who wanted to could come and talk about how their highschool experience was, what they were grateful for, what they were sorry for, and so on. So I went up then too, and basically just talked about how I regret not really having connected with many people and not having been there for people, and how I would like to apologize to anybody who has reasched out to me over the years and had me ignore them. I would have liked to say something along the lines of 'these last years have been a struggle for me', but they really haven't. I'm just too lazy.

But anyway, I'm glad I said it.

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