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Oh school

Class starts a week from today! I am so excite!

And I (finally) got my schedule finalized:

NOR 1001 Beginning Norwegian
HIST 3637 Modern Russia  
ANTH 1003W Understanding Cultures 
HIST 3618 Dark Ages Illumined 

My goal for this semester is to be completely nerdy and overly interested in academics and not even care what anybody thinks.

No, honestly, I feel like the U probably has a lot more drunk frat boys than I'm used to. So now I'm all like I WILL CRUSH YOUR PUNY LIVES. ACADEMICALLY. KOLKOLKOL. I WILL GAZE UPON YOUR GPAS AND LAUGHHHHHHHH.

It's gonna be awesome, yo.

Otoh, today I have an eye doctor appointment. OH GOD NOOOOO.
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