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In which Hester is clearly not in the loop

Wait, what's going on with some people having the little person next to their username looking all awesome and having cute little hats and stuff? When did this happen? And more importantly, how do I do it?

I feel like cool stuff must have happened while I was on hiatus or something. -.-

Also, completely unrelated (because apparently I can't stay on-topic to save my life), you know when you have some certain character that's your favorite out of the entire fandom, and they've been your favorite for a really long time? And then, know when, suddenly, for no explicable reason, your character allegiance suddenly switches overnight? Ever since last fall, I was all like DOITSUUUUUUUU <3. Now I'm all like ALFREEEEEEEED <3. I don't understand this sudden reversal D:
Tags: hetalia, the hero!

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