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In which I talk about fannish things

I keep meaning to write more Sandsibs fic, so I've been rereading the relevant chapters of Naruto to give me some idea of what I want to write about. And it really struck me: here's why they're by far my favorite characters in this fandom to write about.

I love the thought of writing a lot more than I have about what their lives were like when their father was still alive. I want to write about what it would be like to be part of a family where things had gone so horribly (and so bizarrely) wrong. Imagine what it would be like to be a child-- even a child in a society that's fairly accustomed to violence-- and to know that your father is trying to have your brother assassinated. (And imagine how much more confusing it would be to know that your father is the most powerful man in the village, and yet he can't succeed in killing a child even younger than yourself!) I mean, if that wouldn't skew your worldview, I don't know what would. And I imagine you would be in a constant struggle with yourself in deciding who you hoped would win out in the end. We all know that Gaara's pretty damn disturbed (or, at least, that he is at the introduction of his character), but the more I think about it, the more I can't help but think that Temari and Kankurou probably have some deep-seated problems as well. They're just more subtle than their brother is. But [pre-end of chuunin exams] Gaara really is a baby psychopath, and living with him would have to be insanely stressful.

And as for Gaara himself, I really want to write more about what it would be like to be the person everyone else regards as this horrible monster. I seem to have this love of writing pathos, especially in children. I'm sure that says nothing good about me whatsoever. But, uh. There it is. By the way, I've seen various interpretations of Sanddad in fanfic, ranging from him being this awful person to him being a caring father who had things get out of hand. I have to say, the more I think about what Gaara's childhood must have been like, the less I have it in me to empathize with him. Actually, I have a lot more empathy for Yashamaru, since I feel like he wasn't responsible for causing the situation with Gaara, and did his best-- even going against his own innermost feelings-- to give Gaara as good a life as possible. He snapped in the end, but possibly so would a lot of people. Sanddad just seems cold to me. He's the one that made Gaara the way he is, and then when Gaara didn't turn out "right," we never see any real interaction between them.

And here's the part where I love writing for a fandom in which the canon really makes no sense. Usually that drives me crazy, but in the case of Sandsibs? I won't lie; I absolutely love it more than anything. I'm all SQUEEEEE, all the time.

Even though it makes no psychological sense whatsoever, I ADORE GAARA'S CHUUNIN EXAM TRANSFORMATION. WITH THE POWER OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS. I mean, realistically, I'm pretty sure that if you're basically a serial killer at age 12 (and he is; half the people he kills he kills for no apparent reason other than his own enjoyment), there's no hope for you ever not being a serial killer. Okay, so my main hobby in life is apparently watching reruns of Law & Order, and there's a quote from one episode that makes me think of Gaara every single time I hear it. I don't remember the exact words, but someone says something along the lines of, "Some kids, by the time they're five you know they're finished. You can hug them all you want; it won't make a damn bit of difference." And pre-AMAZING TRANSFORMATION Gaara is totally like that. He's Crazy with a capital C.

So what makes me squee so much about Naruto is that, due to Kishi's apparent belief that talking to Naruto can seriously cure every mental disorder ever (except for whatever the fuck Sasuke has), we get to see-- and I get to write about!-- what it would be like if it were possible for someone to (apparently without any real outside support) suddenly un-psychopath themselves. I love that! And I keep wanting to know more about how Gaara feels about that, and how his siblings feel about it.

Plus, I think that's what makes Gaara such an interesting character. There are plenty of crazy people in Naruto (which is hardly a surprise, given that shinobi society is set up in a way that makes certain levels of irrational violence more or less acceptable...), and plenty of them get cured by Naruto's mystical fixing people powers, but I don't think anyone else has quite so drastic a change effected on them as Gaara does. I feel like... because of that, I really want to know how Gaara feels about his past self. Furthermore, how do his siblings feel about him now? How long does it take them to fully trust him? It seems like that last part happens offstage, probably during the timeskip, so we really never see the processes involved. And how do people in Suna as a whole feel about him now?

All of this leaves so much room for writing interesting things. I hate writing about characters when I feel like everything there is to be said about them has already been said in canon, and I don't get that feeling at all when it comes to Sandsibs.

Tl;dr: I fucking love Sandsibs.

Also, someone rec me some goodfic for these three, stat. ...Just not sandcest.
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