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In which I have to do research, but published authors are far too good for that

1. Finally all done with my midterm-related things! And I actually managed to finish my test for the Dark Ages. With time to spare. And it was essay questions! Recap of my life: essay questions are one of my mortal enemies. Along with spiders and garbage trucks.

2. Otoh, I planned out my next two months this afternoon. And, uh, I might not be around so much for a while. The amount of reading I have to do looks crazy, especially since I have to do research for my term paper. ...Although, for all I know perhaps having things well-planned will actually mean I'll have more free time. So either I'll be around less or more, basically. Lol.

3. Somehow, while flipping through the internets I ended up stumbling onto this. It seems that one of my 13-14 year old self's favorite authors is... possibly one of the more ridiculous and lolarious douchebags out there. I'm just going to link to the relevant entry, which is much more entertaining than anything I could write about it. I sort of feel like part of my childhood died. Although it does seem to have died a bizarrely cracky death. I can't even articulate how much I loved Pike's books when I was in middle school. I thought he was THA BEST WRITTER EVAH!!!!11! ...Although, you know, his antics here do sort of seem like something I would have done at that age. Maybe we had some sort of spiritual link or something. :/
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