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Dried frog pills, here I come!

So I went to register for classes. Turned out I had a hold on my record because of non-payment. Seems there were about a billion charges outside of tuition that I stupidly hadn't been aware of. The U had ridiculous fees, meaning that the total of what had to be paid before I could register was $2000+. Went to the bursar's office; got that paid. Went to register. Turned out they needed my health insurance info, even though I'd already given it to them before this semester. Had to call home to get Mom to find my insurance card and read it off to me.

Finally got registered. My classes for spring semester all look exciting, though; that's a plus:

     History 5265: 20th Century Russia 
     Norwegian 1002: Beginning Norwegian 
     History 3152: British History Since 1700 
     History 3609: Medieval Military History 

Strangely, I'm going to have 3/4 the same professors as this semester.

Also today read a rough draft of an anthropology paper by some dude who seems to think "the vast majority" of people in this country have had Confirmation. Not entirely sure, but pretty sure that's incorrect. Tried to tell him that as nicely as possible. I mean, granted, it's only a 1000-level course. But. If you're in college you should still know that your church =/= a very large and diverse country. Kthx.

I am le tired nao. Goodnight, world.
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