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Finally, completely finished with my term paper! Fortunately I get to turn it in today, so I won't have to have it hanging over me anymore. He said that there's no maximum length; I hope he meant it, given that he asked for a minimum wordcount of 2500 and mine's 7500+. It's definitely the longest paper I've written in my life, not that that's honestly saying all that much. I got sort of intense.

Speaking of which, I never want to see the name Byrhtferth of Ramsey again as long as I live. Or Asser. Or, for that matter, Galbraith, or Whitelock, or Lapidge and Keynes, or Smyth, or any of these people. In case anyone's wondering, my paper was about this kerfuffle.

Aaaand, now I've also written two papers for Anthropology.

Now I just have a very short paper for Norwegian, and research for a Norwegian presentation... and another paper for Anthropology to do over the weekend. Fucking Anthropology. I don't even like this class. I feel very annoyed at having to do papers for a class I couldn't really care less about. Thankfully there are only two weeks left.

I'm just glad I don't have anything much on for my Russian History class.

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