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I'm through with you! (Not really.)

Dear self,

Stop being so hypersensitive about everything. Especially if what you're being hypersensitive about is the fact that someone else is being hypersensitive. Please stop flipping out over such incredibly petty things.

Here is a short list of things that are not actually a personal slight toward yourself, and which you therefore are not required to analyze to death:
-- Other people being/not being in a fandom you're in
-- Other people's writing
-- Other people's emotional issues
-- Other people's perceived habits of taking things too seriously
-- People who you don't even care about anyway not caring about you
-- People not responding with insane enthusiasm to everything you do/say; you are not a Mary Sue, dammit
-- Other people being sensitive about issues you are not sensitive about
-- Other people not being sensitive about issues you are sensitive about
-- Etc.

Why the hell are you being so weird lately?

Still some love,

PS- All that time you've spent worrying about ridiculous things could have been much better spent actually doing something productive. JSYK.

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