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I decided it was idiotic to make lists for different fandoms. So now they're all together in one big list.

The other lists will be deleted, and this one will be linked to in my profile.


Shinigami in the Closet -- Kurosaki family. Crack. G/PG.
The Monarch -- Ichigo; Rukia. Gen. PG.
Red Stars -- Rukia/Ichigo; Momo/Aizen; Hitsugaya/Momo. Tragedy. PG-13.
Lilas -- Ishida/Orihime. Future!fic. PG.
Q & A -- Aizen; Gin. Crack. G.
And In the Endless Sky -- Aizen-centric. Introspective. G.
Cinders of the Sun -- Momo; Aizen. Introspective. PG.
Disgusting -- Aizen; Momo. Rather creepy hurt/comfort. PG-13.
Turning Over Stones -- Byakuya/Hisana. Romance/tragedy. PG.
Her Brightest Star -- Byakuya; Yoruichi; Ichigo. Gen. G.
Runs in the Family -- One-sided Byakuya/Renji; Rukia. Fluff. PG-13.
Tobiume -- Hitsugaya/Momo. Fluff. G.
The Fountain of Youth -- Hitsugaya/Matsumoto; Hitsugaya/Momo. Angst. PG.
No Such Thing -- Hitsugaya; Matsumoto. Experimental. PG-13.
Reasons -- Matsumoto; Gin. Deathfic. PG.
Imitative Arts -- Kuukaku; Arleri; Shiba family. Drama. PG-13.
Operation Bancouch -- Wonderweiss; Tousen; various other Hueco Mundo people. Crack. PG-13.
The Dangers of Pool -- Espada. Crack. PG-13.
Rain in Hueco Mundo -- One-sided Orihime/Ulquiorra. Angst. G.
Green -- Ulquiorra; Orihime. Introspective. G.
Passing in the Night -- Ulquiorra; Orihime. Gen/introspective. G.
Up in Smoke -- Orihime/Ulquiorra. Romance/angst/tragedy. G/PG.
In the Evening -- Ulquiorra/Orihime. Introspective. PG.
Jane Non Regina -- Cirucci; Aizen. Gen. PG.
Interlude -- Ryuuken; Yoruichi; Uryuu. Gen/angst. PG.
Crimson Flowers Blooming Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 -- Urahara/Yoruichi. Drama/mystery. PG-13. Note: this was never completed and never will be. It died of, tbh, stupid plot disease.

CLAMP Fandoms:

CCS: Points On a Map -- Syaoran/Sakura. Ship!fic. G.
Tsubasa: The Final Girl -- Ensemble. Crack. PG-13.
Eggshell -- R!Syaoran; C!Syaoran; Sakura. Angst. PG.
Coming Up Spades -- Sakura; Fay. Angst. PG.
Much Ado About Yukito -- Sakura; Touya/Yukito. Fluff. PG-13.
Turnabout -- Kurogane/Fay. Ship!fic. PG.
Nomen Est... -- Kurogane/Fay. Angst. R.
xxxHolic: Drizzle -- Watanuki; Ame Warashi. Gen. G.
Cute -- Yuuko; Clow. Gen. G.


Strawberry Bread -- Clare; Teresa. Angst. PG-13.
The Trouble With Buttons -- Isley; Rigald. Crack. G.

Count Cain:

/Cain Saga/Godchild/Earl Cain/whatever you want to call it

Inheritance -- Cain-centric. Angst. PG.
Ill-Starred and Ill-Begotten -- Cain-centric. Introspective. PG.
Repetition -- Riff/Cain. Hurt/comfort. PG-13.
Forbroiden Fantasy -- Riff/Cain. Angst. PG.
Lightning From a Clear Sky -- Riff/Cain. Angst. PG.
Unfunny Joke -- Jezebel. Gen. G.
Definitions -- Jezebel; Alexis. Angst. PG-13.
Dearly Departed -- Crehador; Cain; Oscar; Arina. Crack. PG-13.
Still -- Owl-centric. Gen. PG.

D. Gray-Man:

Flowers In Ink -- Lavi-centric. Gen. G.

Death Note:

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum -- Ensemble. Death!fic. PG.
Stronger Than Her Bone -- Rem; Misa. Angst. PG-13.
Sunshine -- Mello-centric. Gen. PG-13.

Fruits Basket:

Rabid Fangirl Blues -- Akito; Yuki; Prince Yuki Fan Club. Crack. PG.
Unearthly Things -- Akito-centric. Angst. PG.


Arranged by time period, because sure, why not?

Late 19th century: Bureaucratic Fantastic! -- Prussia; Germany; Austria; Hungary. Crack. PG-13.
1945: Strings -- Italy; Germany. Angst. PG.
Coup de Grâce -- FACE ensemble. Crack. PG-13.
2010: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (And Other Terrifying Things) -- Ensemble. Crack. PG-13.


If Only For a Moment -- Naruto/Sasuke. Shipfic. PG.
Black Mirrors and the Nightingale -- Sasuke/Sakura. Incomplete scrapfic. PG-13.
Death Masks -- Sasuke-centric. Angst. G.
A Small Thing, a Denial -- Shikamaru/Temari. Comedy. PG.
& Envy -- Lee; Gaara. Gen. PG.
Century Plant -- Sandsibs. Gen. PG-13.
Losing Battle -- Gaara-centric. Death!fic. PG-13.
The Little Graves -- Sandsibs; Yondaime Kazekage. Angst. PG-13.
Spark -- Kankurou; Gaara. Gen. PG-13.
[Untitled] -- Akatsuki. Gen. G/PG.
[Untitled] -- Sasori. Incomplete scrapfic. R-ish.
I Will Die by Fire -- Itachi. Gen. PG.
Here and Gone -- Itachi. Introspective. PG.
Two-Man Teams -- Akatsuki; esp. Kakuzu and Hidan. Crack. PG-13.
Learning to Drown -- Konan/Nagato!Pein. Angst. R.
White Space -- Konan; Nagato; Yahiko. Death!fic. PG.


The Third Door -- Rocket grunt; Giovanni; Red. Darkfic. PG-13.
Foil -- Green; Red. Gen. PG.


Pendant For a Heart -- Yami; Yuugi. Angst. PG.

Some really old stuff:

Some things from before I was on LJ. Both are terrible and are this list only to be laughed at (especially the InuYasha one).

FMA: And For This -- Scar/Lust. Romance. PG.
InuYasha: Another Sleeping Beauty -- Eri; Yuka; Ayumi. Boring drama/mystery. PG-13.
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