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This is why I'm not involved in politics.

My dad gets a lot of political mail from the Republicans. Mom and I usually destroy it before it gets to him, on the basis that he's gotten sick of them asking for money every five seconds. But that's beside the point. I would like to share with the beautiful world of LJ a quote from the letter he got today:

And we must stop apologizing for American leadership, and embrace the fact that our nation is the most free, compassionate and democratic country to ever grace the face of the earth.

[Stupid politician's bizarre underlining, not mine.]

SERIOUSLY. This sounds like something out of the Cold War. I just. Whut.

This is why I get nervous as hell when people start talking politics. Everyone's gone batshit crazy, I swear.

Also, dear foreign friends: America is now MOAR COMPASSIONATE and MOAR SPECIALLER than you can ever be. I'm terribly sorry. Apparently all of your countries can gdiaf or something. I guess.

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