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The Code of Irony

...It's sort of like the code of chivalry

Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg
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"that's how i am. i could wish for you someone other, better."

Aspiring writer, (hopefully) soon-to-be grad student, incessant fangirl, part-time producer of fanworks, history geek. Also now a very, very itty-bitty --- newborn, in fact --- babybat.
"i have written down the words i have long not dared to speak."

This journal was formerly more fannish; now it's more about personal stuff. (Link to the list of all my fanfiction is below.) Oh, and me talking about my terrible troubles with original writing. Also links and randomness.
"i shall eat blue grapes with those who are dead."

My friending policy is pretty simple: I'll almost always friend you back if you friend me, unless your journal is empty or we don't seem to share any interests in common. If we've never talked, a PM explaining who you are and why you've added me is appreciated but certainly not required.
Welcome to my journal! I believe almost everything that links here from elsewhere is mostly fannish in nature, so here is a list of my main fandoms right now (although I'm not particularly active in any at the moment):
Count Cain/Godchild
Doctor Who
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
The Lorax because Once-ler is Once-ler and you need a thneed right now

I want
to teach me how to make

Journal layout by ellys_showcase. All quotes in the top sections are from the poetry of Anna Akhmatova.